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Meet Chana: A Com-Hab Story

Meet Chana S., a soft-spoken young lady with lots of dreams. She is a confident young lady, dignified, happy, and actively pursuing her dreams.


Get to know Chana:

Age: 12

Challenge: diagnosis of Myotonic Dystrophy, which causes degenerative muscle weakness all over the body. 

Passion: writing poetry and stories

Favorite toy: dolls and their paraphernalia 

Favorite activity: drawing, coloring, writing


Our goal together:

Build self-esteem

Learn and integrate social skills


The medium: 

Chana’s dolls (purchased through her Com-Hab recreation allowance)

Her drawings, writings, and other creative outlets

Fun activities outside the home


Chana spent hundreds of hours playing, learning, and growing with our Com-Hab team. She has grown so much. She can now articulate her thoughts and feelings, initiate a conversation, and has a much better overall awareness of social cues and gestures.


Today, Chana is growing into the role of a refined young lady. Chana’s trainers encourage her to be mindful of the latest trends in fashion, modest – of course, which is currently Chana’s passion, and we can see the change in her wardrobe and general appearance.  She is a young lady, indeed!  Chana is confident with herself, and it is evident that she is growing up beautifully in every way.  Her mannerism is dignified, and her social graces are evident.

She doesn’t stop there. Chana’s dream as a writer has borne fruit, as one of her poems were submitted to a prominent publication, accepted and printed.  Everyone who knows Chana is very proud of this major accomplishment, and we look forward to seeing Chana’s name in print again.


A Note from Chana’s Parents:

To our dear Com-Hab team, 

We have watched you care for our Chana with great pleasure. We see her thrive while she spends time with her Com-Hab Trainers and they have become her friends too. We also appreciate the close attention you have given us, as Chana’s parents. We know that if there is anything that Chana needs or wants, you’ll do whatever possible to help out.  We value our relationship and we trust that you’ll keep helping us help Chana live to her fullest. 

Mr. and Mrs. S


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