Let’s Get to Work

Our Vocational Programs are an integrated hierarchy of programs, aimed at integrating adults with special needs into the workforce. Individuals can access training support at the necessary level, as the vocational programs assist with the entire process of integration into the workforce - from job retention, to 100% job coaching support. Preferences and skills are carefully assessed, and each member is provided with a legitimate, dignified, befitting position.

Separate Tracks

Separate track for men and women. We offer group classes as well as individual, one-on-one coaching.

Real Learning

Our growth-focused curriculum supports members with real skill building that will serve them in the workplace.

Social Skills & Community Inclusion

Via our work skills & volunteerism programs, our individuals are able integrate into their communities in a respectable, dignified manner.

Independence & Self Care

Working gives our individuals the opportunity to be independent, while we back them with 100% job coaching support

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