The most advanced camp experience for your child.

Camp HASC is a seven-week sleepaway camp, aimed at giving children and adults with developmental disabilities an unforgettable summer experience. With 350+ campers and over 400 young men and women that serve as counselors and support staff, Camp HASC provides unparalleled care. Camp HASC is more than a camp - it’s a magical place; a place of remarkable love, care, and genuine friendship.

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A fully immersive and adaptive special education program is located in the heart of our campus, and integrated into the daily schedule. Each student is placed in a classroom that meets their prescribed IEP, with professional, certified teachers that enable remarkable growth every summer.


Our devoted nurses, doctors, paramedics,and emergency support staff provide 24-hour care, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of every staff member and camper.


The therapists in Camp HASC help our campers continue their progress towards crucial goals. They provide professional guidance for staff and service campers, enabling individuals to surpass goals beyond anyone’s expectations.


Professional behavioral support staff provide ongoing guidance, enabling campers to surpass goals beyond anyone’s expectations.


Having fun is serious business. When it comes to activities, we go all out. Our action-packed schedule is awesome, thrilling, and all-inclusive. We ensure that all activities are fully adaptable to accommodate every camper, regardless of ability level.

Food Services

No dietary requirement goes unmet at Camp HASC, with our onground nutritionist, food services coordinator, and team of dedicated feeding therapists.

Camp After Camp Program

Camp After Camp is a 1-week extension of Camp HASC (with only female staffing) which provides campers with one more week of fun, while granting families another week of respite and relaxation.

Camp Reimbursement Program

HASC Center offers a well-rounded summer experience to all, regardless of financial standing. Our Camp Reimbursement Fund provides families with the means to send their children with special needs to camps and day camps in a respectful and dignified fashion.

Camp HASC Cares

Camp HASC provides throughout-the-year respite to families of children with special needs who are hospitalized. With over 300 dedicated staff and alumni volunteers who take daytime, overnight, and Shabbos shifts, it has helped hundreds of families through their difficult realities.

Chavivim Day Camp

Chavivim Day Camp is a unique program available to all special needs children spending their summer in Upstate New York. Every day camper is fully integrated into the Camp HASC recreational and educational program. Camp HASC meets the personal, social, therapeutic, and medical needs of each camper, with exceptional love and care.


The HASC Simchaton is a Simchas Torah program in camp, for HASC campers and staff members. The intense 3-day program is inspiring to behold, as individuals with abilities across the spectrum are granted a chance to celebrate with the Torah.

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