One-on-One, Tailor-Made Programs For Children and Adults

Com-Hab and respite services follow a behavioral therapy approach with a Licensed Behavioral Specialist, with appropriate programming focusing on the long-term growth and development of your child. Trainers work to provide life skills training, as well as community outings and activities that would otherwise be inaccessible. This service is provided at home or in the community, during afternoon and evening hours, as well as Sundays.

Supportive Intake

Receive support from your first phone call with our specially-trained intake specialists.

Broad Reach

HASC’s Com-Hab division serves all 5 Boroughs, as well as Nassau & Suffolk Counties.

Growth-Focused Eval

Individuals receive a free psychological and psychosocial evaluation upon intake, used to provide targeted care and services which focus on the growth of your child.

At-Home Services

With Com-Hab, your child can receive customized, one-on-one individualized service in the comfort of your home.

Extensive Programming

Our Com-Hab trainers offer a wide array of varied respite program opportunities to best suit your needs.

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