For four decades, HASC has been changing lives for the better. In 1963, our founders stepped up to fill a void in the community and created the HASC Center, a comprehensive network of programs and services for children and adults with special needs.

Here at HASC, we believe in the individuals we serve. We believe that every one of them has the potential to lead a meaningful life, and we’ll do anything to get them there. Their inherent greatness is the very source of our inspiration, and everything we do reflects this ideal - the personalized services, the dignity and respect accorded to each individual, and the staff’s untiring dedication to the greatness within.

Warmth. Dignity.

HASC Center is dedicated to providing people with intellectual disabilities the necessary empowerment tools to live as independently as possible, with support offered to the extent that is necessary to meet person-centered outcomes and sustain a quality of life that is productive and meaningful. All of this will be provided within an agency culture that promotes kindness, warmth, sensitivity, and affection.

Values we live by



True Care

Quality of Life

“Everybody’s so amazing and outgoing and just there for me when I need them”
Penina, HASC Day Hab
“It’s the best place on earth! I can’t imagine doing anything else”
Deborah Ashenfarb, Supervisor, Chayeinu Dayhab
“Working for HASC is not just a job - it’s a mission”
Counselor, Yeshiva Dayhab