A Curriculum Designed to Educate And Empower

HASC’s Day Hab program is a place of learning and growth, where social opportunities abound and lasting friendships are possible. A team of dedicated and caring staff encourage program participants to express themselves. Through hands-on experience in the community and on-site, individuals can learn practical life skills and explore areas of personal interest.

Broad Curriculum

Our broad curriculum is designed to educate and empower, with real learning that fosters growth and independence. We aim to maximize their talents and capabilities in a supportive, social environment.

Individualized Programs

Tailored to each person’s unique interests and needs, each Day Hab program offers a choice of diverse activities daily. Staff members are carefully selected and educated to encourage, support and bring out the best in each individual.


Services include training in daily living and communication skills, leisure and recreational activities that enhance mobility and promote good health, and behavioral techniques that mitigate challenging behaviors.

Increasing Self-Sufficiency

We make use of community resources and volunteer sites to provide our individuals with meaningful activities that increase self-sufficiency.

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