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The Art Show of HASC

The men and women of HASC took pride in their work as they attended their very own art show displaying their creations at the Neil Kerman Gallery. Celebrating their hard work over the past two months, each artist was celebrated with their art displayed on the walls, easels and tables around the gallery. Guests were greeted with non-alcoholic champagne and were invited to enjoy the various art pieces created in mediums such as watercolor, tissue paper, liquid watercolor, model magic, cardboard, various multimedia materials, paint and pastels. Two projects that stood out were collaborative efforts made by the men and women of HASC: a woven tapestry and a quilt. The wonderful colors and textures were interwoven from each members’ own individual piece highlighting their talents and creativity, which were then sewn together into the final masterpiece.These projects truly embody the message of HASC, fostering individuality as part of a whole; members who are family. During the two fun months working on this gallery, the members were given the chance to experiment with different art materials and use their creative license to explore their inner artists. Some sessions had specific themes, but even so the overall style was very open, allowing the adults the freedom to assert their individual styles. Each member of the group had the opportunity to show their art to the rest of the group members at the end of every session, which fostered a great sense of support and garnered positive feedback; this allowed each member to feel like a real artist and leave with a deep sense of accomplishment. Ms. Daphne Weingarten has been working as an art therapist with our individuals over the past year. She has been involved with HASC for many years both as a camp counselor and a DSP in our homes. We celebrate these individuals’ art and their hard work over the past two months. Thank you to the Neil Kerman Gallery for housing this beautiful event!

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